Sunday, February 10, 2013


Now it is Tuesday and I’m a day ahead of the U.S. Since skipping a day is a bit confusing, today was a scheduled study day. I didn’t have any work that needed to be done immediately so I spend the day hanging outside. I went swimming, which was like being in a mini wave pool and all my friends made fun of me since I couldn’t stand at one end... It is only like 5’6” deep. We attempted to play categories and Marco, Polo, but it didn’t last too long.
My friend Stephen, who is hilarious, started playing with two of the professor’s kids. The three of them started having a belly flop contest, and Dante, who is about 4 years old, would make eye contact with Stephen with a straight face and do his belly flop. Everyone was laughing and cheering him on. Stephen is one of those guys who is a little kid at heart, so the two of them kept going back and forth doing belly flops. I wish I had my camera to record the whole thing it was so funny.
After a film screening for my English class, I met up with my friends. The RD’s were running an activity where we could write a letter to ourselves that we would get back at the end of the trip. I joined my friends and wrote myself a letter with my goals and hopes for this voyage, who I want to become, and all the great stuff.
While we were writing our letters, Dante came into the room and started doing belly flops onto the couch next tow Stephen. He is seriously a riot and loves all the attention from the “big kids”. He wanted to hang out with us, but his parents were taking him and his sister to the Explorer Seminar. His dad told him to give Stephen a high five and say “bye dude.” He gave Stephen a high five and Stephen said “Bye bro” and Dante walks away and said “bye brah” with a giant grin. Adorable!!

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