Sunday, February 10, 2013


This morning I was very productive and by that I mean I spent the morning tanning. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather, especially since it will be cold in Japan and China. One of my friends commented on how the undersides of my arms were really pale, so I laid with my arms above my head for a few minutes. For anyone who plans on trying that, put sunscreen on your armpits! I managed to burn my armpits, which is just as painful as it sounds.
Now being about two weeks into this trip, pasta at lunch and dinner is getting kind of old. A few of us decided to get lunch at the pool bar and I had a hamburger. It was either a really amazing burger, or tasted fantastic since it was something different. Either way, it was really good!
Tonight is an exciting night for us, since we cross the International Date Line! Rather than carrying on like the rest of the world from Sunday the 20th to Monday the 21st, we complete skip Monday. Actually crossing the International Date Line sounds a lot cooler than it actually was. All it means is that I have one less day of 2013 than the rest of the world, which is pretty awesome. 

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