Friday, February 1, 2013


Sorry everyone, I know I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. I’ve been having so much fun and I keep forgetting to blog. I’m hoping to get completely caught up before I get to China in two days. But, no news is good news

Today we stopped in Honolulu for gas and ended up staying the night at the port because of a storm that is producing 25-foot waves! Don’t worry, we still had class and couldn’t get off the ship. But I can’t complain because the weather was beautiful!

We ended up leaving Honolulu earlier than expected… Now I’m off to Japan! The mid-day announcements said to secure everything and to take seasick medication, since the motto is “be happy and don’t puke.”  Everyone is freaking out about how bad it will get, but I’m secretly excited. It is a once in a lifetime experience! 

When I signed up for clubs the other week, the big thing to sign up for was having an extended family. Today I had a note on my door from my ”mom” Linda, who is the nurse on board. With my actual mom being a nurse and now my SAS mom being a nurse, I took that as a true sign I’m meant to be a nurse! We had a family dinner tonight and I met my two “sisters”, Alex and Chin-Yee, who are both so nice. Linda asked us all our birthdays so we could celebrate… My birthday is February 4th, Alex’s is February 14th, and Chin-Yee’s is February 16th. I found it wicked funny how we all ended up in the same family! But we are going to have a family birthday celebration at some point in February. It is really nice to have these “family dinners” and being able to reflect on everything like I could do during a family dinner at home.
I never realized how precious it is to have time alone. At home I had the freedom to take a moment whenever I wanted to slow down and reflect on life by either go for a walk around campus, take the dog for a walk, or go for a drive. Now, I’m stuck on a ship that is in the middle of the ocean, so there is no getting away from people. I realized I needed to take some time for myself, so I went up to the observation deck and looked at the stars. It was nice to almost pause time and really appreciate everything I have. Then around midnight, a group of us made our way back to the observation deck and saw a shooting star! Later, I went back to the observation deck with some friends and we ended up seeing a shooting star!

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