Friday, January 11, 2013


Well, I’m off! We left Mexico at about 5:30 pm and are on our way to Hawaii :)
I’ve made some really great friends, but it’s really hard to find each other without cell phones. I really don’t know what people did before technology… But I really like how everyone is so welcoming to making new friends since we are all in the same boat, literally.
This ship isn’t Royal Caribbean size, but it is definitely a huge boat. I’m not sure if the seas are just rough right now or what, but this ship sure rocks a lot!! I can’t walk without stumbling and almost falling over. I’m getting dizzy just from writing this, that’s how much movement there is. It is kind of crazy. I may have to give up my New Year’s Resolution to no drink soda, so I can drink some ginger ale.
Ok, so you are probably all wondering more about what the ship is like. Well, it is really confusing. I have yet to find my way around.  And damn there are A LOT of stairs!! The food is ok on the ship, a lot of carbs, like pasta and potatoes. And the water has that chemically treated taste to it. There is a spa on I think the 7th deck that has facials, massages, manicures/pedicures, and a hair place. It is 100% like a cruise… the ship does your laundry and every other day they come to your room to change the sheets. If you’re sitting at dinner and have finished eating, but are still talking with friends, someone will come over and take your plate. A lot to get use to over the next 4 months!

**found out that the waves are about 9 feet!**

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