Sunday, January 13, 2013


Since the most thrilling thing I’ve had to write about this far is how rough the ocean is, I’m going to continue on that topic. Today was probably the worst day at sea. And the professors who have sailed before say it was only a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Which means it is going to get worse as we head from Hawaii to Japan. But hopefully after that it will start to get better. As annoying as the constant movement is, it makes every day at sea a little more interesting!
Today I had my first day of class, which went pretty well. First to explain how the schedule works… there is A and B day, which alternate everyday we are at sea. We don’t have classes when we are in port, and the professors want to enjoy each country as well, so our assignments tend to be due before each port.
On A days I have Consumer Behavior and World Literature and Film. After not really enjoying my principles of marketing class this past fall, I didn’t think I would like Consumer Behavior, but the professor is really funny, which is great since it is at 8 am. World Literature and Film on the other hand will probably be my worst class… I’ve never been really into English class or analysis text/film. But I think it will be a great class for me to explore something new and grow in a different way. Also, the films that we have to watch for class are related to the ports that we are going to.
After class, I grabbed lunch with a couple of friends and then we all went to one of the outside decks and enjoyed the sun… well we tried to at least. It was 60 degrees and windy, but today was the first day the sun was out, so it was really nice to enjoy being outdoors.
I went to the gym today; pretty interesting experience. I went on the elliptical, and every time the ship rocked, the workout got even harder. I’m glad I was on the elliptical and not the treadmill! After I finished, I went out onto the deck to stretch with my friends, and this crowd of probably like 20ish students comes walking out. They asked us if we wanted to join them in their workout. So we did… 20 of us did the workout video Insanity, which was taken to a whole new level of insane. That workout DVD is hard to begin with, but we did it on probably the rockiest day at sea. It was crazy, but a ton of fun. I met some new people who we ended up grabbing dinner with.
Well I think that is all I have to say about today. Hawaii in three days J

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